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If My Back Hurts, Is My Spine Misaligned?

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

A man holding his lower back experiencing pain

Have you ever wondered if every episode of back pain is caused by misalignment in the spine? At Graybar Chiropractic, Dr. Michael Greybar and our experienced team understand that there are many potential causes for discomfort, so we make sure to take into account all your signs and symptoms before coming up with a diagnosis.

At Graybar Chiropractic, you are always considered an individual – meaning that your symptoms will never be overlooked or taken likely. While the causes of back pain can vary from one person to another, we often see some common trends emerge amongst our patients. Keep reading to discover what may be causing your discomfort and if it is a sign of spinal misalignment!

Have you ever experienced back pain? Do you think it’s a chronic issue for you? First, let us understand what back pain can feel like. Back pain is unique to each individual, and the sensation can offer a great indication of its underlying cause. If your discomfort has a sharp quality, it’s likely that an inflamed nerve could be at fault. A dull ache may point towards muscle weakness, while numbness or tingling indicates crushed or severed nerves. By recognizing these sensations in your body and understanding their source, you’ll be better equipped to identify effective treatments for your back pain.

Six months is the benchmark used to identify pain as chronic, but many people have been plagued with back discomfort for far longer. I’ve had patients who mentioned that their suffering has spanned decades, stemming from an injury sustained years ago. In some cases, my patients can no longer recall a time when they felt relief; constant agony becomes the norm after such a long period of affliction. You’re not alone if you have been struggling with chronic back pain. It’s a common affliction for millions of people, whether it is due to an injury or accident, lifestyle and posture habits, or genetics. Thankfully, chiropractic care has aided countless individuals in alleviating their back discomfort — some even totally eradicating their suffering! Discover what this process can do for your specific case now.

Suffering from Discomfort After an Injury or Accident? Back pain is usually a result of an unexpected incident or injury. Car accidents stand out as one such event that patients have frequently linked to their back ache and there are specific reasons for why this occurs. The spine, muscles and nerves can be damaged directly due to the sudden impact in car crashes which leads to severe suffering from chronic back pain. Even minor car accidents, in which the cars aren’t damaged and there are no visible injuries, can be more detrimental to our bodies than we may realize. Cars are designed to crumple on impact so they absorb force instead of transferring it onto passengers inside; however, when two cars collide like bumper cars, both people’s spines often take a lot of damage – even if you don’t see any physical wounds. Why is this?

A rear end collision, even a small one, can still be damaging. Impact is absorbed both by the car and its occupants due to the rigid nature of bones and joints in the spine – serving as structural support for our bodies. Often times this causes whiplash when neck muscles are forced back-and-forth rapidly against its own structure; tugging on cervical spine ligaments with each thrust.

Injuries and accidents can lead to subluxation, or misalignment of the spine. When a person experiences an accident, collision, tear or over-exertion of any kind, the joints in their spine can move out of place and become misaligned. In turn this often causes pain to manifest throughout the body – whether it is localized or non-localized aches that reach even as far as one’s fingers and toes. Aligning these joints back into its natural position can help alleviate the pressure placed on nearby nerves which then reduces symptoms such as numbness, tingling sensations and sharp pains; restoring balance to both mind and body.

Lifestyle Can Contribute to Back Pain It may sound hard to believe, but regardless of how active or inactive you are, back pain is an issue that can still affect your life. That’s right – no matter if you lift weights on the regular and have a fit body or not, both lifestyles can lead to sore backs. But why?

Back Pain from an Active Lifestyle Back pain resulting from a vigorous lifestyle is prevalent and can often be concealed with strong muscular development for an extended period of time compared to those who are more inactive. However, many of our most active patients asked for help due to back pain before anyone else.

From triathletes to everyday joggers, anyone who exercises regularly is at risk for back pain due to the impact it has on their spinal alignment. No matter how mindful we are of our technique or how much preventive care we take prior and post-workout, any form of physical activity can cause misalignment in the spine. Once you add weights, running outdoors, or long-held yoga poses into the mix – it becomes a surefire way to disrupt your spinal structure.

Back Pain from a Sedentary Lifestyle If you are one of many people who spend most of their day sitting, either at an office desk or from home, chances are that back pain has become a part and parcel of your life. This is because a sedentary lifestyle can exaggerate the effects of any pre-existing misalignment in your spine, while it could also be the root cause for new forms of misalignments. We are constantly being pulled towards the center of the earth by gravity, even when we are seated or standing in place. If our body is not properly aligned – with ears over shoulders, shoulders over hips and hips above ankles and knees – then this force will have an adverse effect on our bones and joints as time passes. Neglecting correct posture can lead to a gradual misalignment of our spines which no one desires.

Best Chiropractic Care in Wilmington, Wallace, Clinton, NC

If you’re seeking the highest quality of chiropractic care in Wilmington, Wallace or Clinton, NC then our team is ready to assist! We understand that each person’s pain and symptoms are distinct so we take time to get to know you – your lifestyle, challenges and needs. Experienced Doctor Michael Graybar has two decades of experience treating all sorts of back & neck conditions which can inhibit one’s day-to-day life. So don’t wait any longer – book an appointment today for a chance at improving your well-being.

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