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Why is Your Posture So Important?

At Graybar Chiropractic and Rehab, we like to say that your posture is a window into the

the function of your spine and nervous system.

This is very important to understand that when we have trauma and stress throughout our life our body will sometimes not be able to adapt to this new form of interference.

That “suit of armor” we call the spine is very important because it protects the nervous system and your nervous system is what controls all of our daily functions. When your spine and nervous system are being interfered with that is what chiropractors call a subluxation.

So what is Subluxation?

A subluxation is an interference to your spine and nervous system from multiple types of traumas. One form of trauma we all identify with is what is called Macro-trauma.

Macro-traumas are the motor vehicle crashes we have had throughout our life, the slips and falls we have had, or even the athletic or sports injuries we may have sustained past or present.

Another form of trauma to our body is in the form of Micro-traumas.

These are the things we do every day in our daily life that slowly cause the breakdown of our spine and our posture mechanics.

These are the ones that will most likely affect us the most as we get older.

They can be gotten from sitting too much during the day, exercising with poor form, or not having proper ergonomics when working on your computer or phone/tablet.

These types of spinal and body trauma left uncorrected over time will cause weakness, changes in your posture, and breakdown of the spine and nervous system creating what is called a “body signal.” That is the manifestation of symptoms in the body that chiropractors treat.

Examples of body signals include lower back pain, neck pain or numbness in your arms or legs called a radiculopathy.

Other symptoms include many different forms of headaches, stiffness and mobility issues, fatigue as well as sciatic pain in the legs or spinal disc issues.

These traumas we have either daily (Micro-traumas) or every now and again (Macro-traumas) lead us to have altered patterns of movement and breakdown creating new posture patterns and muscular weakness that facilitate our new subluxation patterns creating the aforementioned “body signal.”

As chiropractors, we want to help you in identifying these patterns of weakness and breakdown in order for you to live a better, stronger, and healthier quality of life as you age and be able to express your given potential.

So does your posture matter?

Absolutely it matters as we go through our life.

In fact, The older we get and the more we treat patients the more we value all of us having a quality of life that we want and expect.

However, it does take your time, energy, and focus.

The reward on the other side is more than worth it when you can come and go as you please and accomplish what you want when you are not hindered by something that could have been prevented.

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