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Dr. Glenn Lundy has lived in Wilmington for the last 23 years since he graduated from Life University, the largest chiropractic school in the world. Dr. Lundy grew up New Jersey and attended Rutgers University before transferring to Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA in 1992, and he has loved living in the South ever since. Dr. Lundy graduated from Old Dominion in 1994 and was inspired by a suggestion from his childhood friend to explore natural healthcare.

As a competitive athlete growing up playing many different sports and then playing tennis for Rutgers and Old Dominion Universities, Dr. Lundy understands the harsh realities of spinal injuries and the havoc they can create, not just in the damaged joint, but how the entire body compensates and wears down because its all connected. It was his desire to stay competitive after college that led to a
need to help himself and others stay in peak form and heal quickly.

Glenn Lundy

"Most people think Chiropractic is only about the spine. In truth, chiropractic is a holistic healthcare discipline that addresses the body as one connected unit. For example, if a person has back pain and it forces them to changes the way they walk because that particular motion will allow for the reduction of pain, that person often fails to realize that the different motion will put increased stress on the hips, the knees and the feet. Now when they become accustomed to the back pain and continue on for weeks, months or years in that fashion, their altered gait has now caused the hips to degenerate, the knees to become arthritic and the feet to develop bone spurs, bunions and plantar fasciitis. The best time to address an injury is immediately after it occurs, before the chain effect can cripple you and prevent you working or playing in the manner you desire."

"The joy of what I do comes from seeing patients live life on their terms, instead of letting their symptoms dictate their life to them. Whether that is working or sleeping without pain, participating in the activities that bring them happiness or something as simple and rewarding as picking up their children or grandchildren without hurting themselves...their goals are what is most important to me as a doctor. What can I help my patients achieve? That is what healthcare should be about."


Dr. Lundy still plays competitive tennis, carries a single-digit golf handicap and loves the ocean and attempting to surf. His daughter is a student at the The University of Alabama.

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