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Did you know last year in New Hanover County alone there were over 247,000 Car Accidents? Yes, 247,000! The typical EMS response time to the scene of your accident is around 9 minutes. If you are transported to the hospital expect another 41 minutes. The next step is a long wait in your typical Emergency Room with a flood of patients, while you wait and wait in pain!

How easy would it be for your injuries to go misdiagnosed, un-diagnosed, or even worse IGNORED in a rush of minutes? Every second counts, the correct diagnosis and treatment opportunities can prevent a LIFETIME of pain, suffering, and injuries. At Graybar Chiropractic Centers, we understand that managing car repairs can be stressful, but receiving personal healing and the appropriate care should not be.

If you are a resident of Clinton, Wallace, or Wilmington NC suffering from back pain or other pain resulting from an auto accident injury, our comprehensive rehabilitative treatment is available at your nearest Graybar Chiropractic Center.

How do you know if you are injured?

Typically, you will not know; Symptoms of WHIPLASH may be delayed for up to 3 days (72 hrs.) or more after the initial trauma. Clinical studies also have found that as little as 6-8mph impact can be sufficient to produce whiplash injuries in some cases.

People who experience whiplash may develop one or more of the following symptoms:

·         Severe chronic shoulder and neck pain

·         Ringing in the ears

·         Blurry vision

·         Severe headaches

·         Concussion like symptoms

·         Sleep difficulties

·         Memory problems

·         Difficulty with focus and concentration

What Are The Most Common Type Of Injuries Sustained in Car Accidents?

Car accident injuries can cause long-term permanent damage if left untreated. The proper orthopedic assessment combined with X-ray imaging is the standard of care provided within our facilities. Based upon our 100+ years of clinical experience, these are the TOP TEN most common types of injuries sustained by car accident victims.


1.  Neck Pain 49% of the time

2.  Lower Back Pain 42%

3.  Headaches 39%

4.  Shoulder Pain 37%

5.  Upper Back Pain 34%

6.  Difficulty Sleeping 31%

7.  Anxiety 25%

8.  Cuts and Bruises 20%

9.  Loss of feeling in part of Body 12%

10.  Broken Bones 10%


Conveniently located in Clinton, Wallace, and Wilmington NC, our three chiropractic centers offer specialized treatment without the use of medication or surgery. Chiropractic care is ideal for treating injuries sustained during a car accident because chiropractors use a total body approach and are trained to diagnose and treat a variety of issues. Our chiropractors focus on long-term pain management or elimination by treating the source of pain, not just medicating it.

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